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New Year- New Bathroom- New You!

Why not see how a bathroom renovation can give new pizzazz to your home!  Starting your day in a new spa-like bathroom can perk you up for a great day ahead! We can design a place that you will love, whether it means starting from scratch with all new fixtures and gorgeous tile or adding to […]

Why renovate a bathroom?

Your bathroom is the most used room of the house, and what you wake up to every morning. A beautiful and updated bathroom adds value to your home and is essential if you are selling your home. An updated tile shower (or a unit with tile above it for a custom look and no maintenance), […]

Comparing apples to apples

When you get a quote for a job, be sure that you are comparing the same things. For instance, many contractors will giving you a low price to get the job, and then balloon it when they have you signed. Be sure that everything that you want from the start is included in your quote. […]

How to select Tile

Many people have pictures of a dream bathroom or kitchen, and all the details are complete. Others have no idea what they want, and most are right in the middle. Most people have an idea of how they want their new room to feel: that is the best way for me to help you decorate. […]