Why renovate a bathroom?

Your bathroom is the most used room of the house, and what you wake up to every morning. A beautiful and updated bathroom adds value to your home and is essential if you are selling your home. An updated tile shower (or a unit with tile above it for a custom look and no maintenance), a tile floor, new vanity and countertops make a difference. When you remodel, be sure to remove old and dirty parts: never cover them up: replace with new and get those germs and rust out of there! Always replace the plumbing in the shower/tub area. Once the tub or shower is in place there is very little chance to get back into it to change the old plumbing; plumbing behind the walls should be worry-free.

There are many price levels in the faucets and shower heads that you can select from: some feature a temperature lever that keeps the shower water at your favorite temperature… and all can be found in chrome, brushed nickel (the most popular) or bronze. Chrome is always the least expensive, next is brushed nickel (or some call it stainless). Countertops can be a focal point of the bathroom, with granite coming in at top choice. If on a tight budget, molded counter with integral sinks can be found very inexpensively but remember you are at the mercy of pre-fabricated products and you have very little selection other than one sink or two sinks. You can order custom them with changes such as a side sink, but then you are bordering on the same price as custom granite top cut from a remnant piece of granite at the fabricators: then the clear choice is granite. Doing it right, with new plumbing, a good countertop, smart selections on tile and vanity, will give your bathroom a high-end look, and last for many, many years to come.