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About Sonnema Tile & Design

Sonnema Tile & Design is a family-owned and operated business where we plan and execute the building of beautiful residential spaces, bathrooms and kitchens through updates, renovation and design. Our passion is creating beautiful spaces so you can fall in love with your home again.

Nancy Sonnema: Owner, Designer

Nancy is a design expert with more than 40 years of experience.  As a licensed residential builder, she can design with full knowledge of what can (and what should not) be done to renovate your home.  Although our specialty is designing and building bathrooms and kitchens, we also offer Interior Design and can decorate your entire house- all the way down to the details of the perfect accessories on your coffee table!  Nancy walks alongside of you through the process of selection and execution so you know exactly where the project is going and when it will be finished.  Nancy is known for her ability to work closely with the customer and read him/her well, ensuring the best results that reflect the owner’s taste and lifestyle.  The result is a space they love to live in!

My favorite thing to do is to take a space that needs updating, and change it into a dream-room.  I use all of my design creativity to get you the most space possible within the room design. I make a 3D artist sketch of the finished project, so you see what it will look like at completion to be sure it is what YOU want.  Then we build it by finding the best materials at the best prices, giving you more than you might imagine for less than you might expect. My personal goal is to deliver breath-taking “Designer results at the most affordable prices.”                                                     

Jeff Sonnema: Craftsman, Administration, Customer Service

Jeff is next generation, and has been involved first-hand in this business for many years.  He is an accomplished businessman and craftsman, and has the ability to visualize the completed project and to know what design ideas will work.  He works closely with the home owners on-site and keeps the communication up-to-the-minute.  He also works with the vendors to ensure the best materials for the job.  Jeff is known for his compassionate customer service, his meticulous layouts and tile cuts, his over-all administration of the project, as well as his great ideas!  He loves the design aspect and the detail work: the extra features that make your project unique and tasteful. And Jeff is the quality-control guy that you will want to have working on your project, making sure that the results are exactly what you want them to be.  By the way, Jeff is also an experienced college and high-school basketball coach and brings that winning attitude and game plan to this business as well.                  

Russ Sonnema: Craftsman, Mechanicals, Customer Service  

Russ is also next generation, coming to us a few years ago, a Veteran from the Air Force and owning his own business as well. He has a great eye for visualizing the finished product. He understands the mechanical behind-the-scenes aspects of the business and takes pride in doing everything with attention to details. Russ always has a solution if a complication arises and can be counted on to get it fixed the right way.  He is also meticulous with cutting tiles and also doing some of our custom work. Customers love his easy approach to “getting it done right” (as well as his gentle way with all of their pets) as we work in their homes. A wonderful part of the team, Russ has his perfectionist eye on everything and will work it until it is done right- and is one of the neatest contractors you will ever have in your home.

Together, Nancy, Jeff, and Russ make an extraordinary team that is second-to-none in quality and integrity. We give you the absolute best of all worlds: innovative design ideas for beauty and function, master craftsmanship to the last detail for a gorgeous outcome that will take your breath away, and outstanding customer service and communication that makes it feel like you are part of our family!

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